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Spanish Word of the Day

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¡Hola! I created this community to spread knowledge and interest of the Spanish language and culture. I would like to become a Spanish teacher and believe in learning something everyday. I am no expert in Spanish; I am still learning, but I will try to provide a variety of useful words and phrases so that everyone can learn something from this community.

If we can remember and are not too busy, your moderators kiraalese and theishinator will post either a word or phrase everyday. If we forget, please bear with us, we are not perfect. Also, I appologize for grammatical errors, we're still learning too. Please let us know by either an e-mail or comment, and we will correct the mistake.

If you have suggestions for words or phrases, email one of us and we may post them and credit you for the idea.

I hope you have fun with this community and maybe even learn a little something!